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For many, visiting a sacred site is more than just a vacation. The history, power and mystery of these awesome places engender and invoke a sense that one is on a spiritual journey or pilgrimage. There are many powerful, mysterious locations on this glorious planet. They are a testament to man’s quest for the divine and unity with the cosmos. It is our belief, here at Edge of World Retreats, that these sacred sites and power places should not be missed.

We invite you to peruse our website and discover for yourself what we have always been passionate about: Exploration! Maybe you’ll be inspired to explore too. Edge of World Retreats offers the following upcoming Sacred Site Tours – make one your pilgrimage:

Sacred Swim with the Dophins in Hawaii with Edge of World Retreats

Dance a sacred dance with the dolphins!

Experience the thrill of a WILD encounter with playful Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. Your intimate, enduring encounter with dolphins may bring you feelings of intense energy, love, oneness, and a connection with nature. Bring these emotions home to your family and friends with memorable impressions that will last a lifetime! Click here for more exciting trip details!

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Just 8 spots remain on this exciting trip!

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Welcome to Edge of World Retreats

A Note from One of Our Travellers...

Thank you all for sharing the priceless gifts of companionship, trust, laughter, whiskey and the myriad of luscious desserts across these magical, mystical lands. Thank you for your inner beauty and wisdom in moments of difficulty and thank you for sparing me the early ticket home for my constant Sagittarius chatter.

Across the past eight days I’ve seen the power of camaraderie elevate all of our individual experiences to places few of us could have achieved on our own. I’ve also greatly felt a sensitivity and intuitive caring for our group and all of our individual spirits by Tracy – whose lifelong dream we have helped lift up upon its young legs. Without Tracy’s foresight, passion and masterful conducting of us – the orchestra - none of us could have heard the music we’ll share tonight in this, our final circle.

The past week has been a grand experiment for me – traveling amongst a group. As I embark tomorrow - once again on my own - I will carry a simultaneous sadness and joy across the cobblestone streets of old Amsterdam. As the church bells ring Sunday morning I will, for a moment in thought, climb again into the pre-historic chamber at Newgrange to recall our wisp of communion with the ancestors. It was within that earth-wrapped portal that I learned the most; about our past, our present and our future as spiritual beings. Within that stone time capsule I shed my self-imagined persona of a 21st century man and briefly became a being in another dimension.

My experience as spirit became so very clear when I sat with a tear running down my face in the Salisbury cathedral. That moment enabled me to feel the connection all of us have to one another – 5,000 years ago, 500 years ago, and today. Time stopped amidst the shaking, magnificent organ… and enlightenment became a tiny bit closer.

We are guides for each other. We are visionaries; bringing each other inspiration for all of our futures as each minute passes. The sparkle in each of our eyes has grown brighter and with new depth because of our time together in these timeless places.

Thank you everyone for being so kind to me; to share your wisdom, your guidance… and your snacks across these islands of adventure. Each one of you has touched my heart and enabled me to see myself in a new light… a light shining from within. A light lit by your inexhaustible fire for life on this ephemeral Earth.

- Geoff Puckett


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