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Tracy Brooks

Tracy Brooks - Spiritual Life Coach


My passion for traveling began as a young girl while traveling with my family on summer road trips throughout the United States. Those summer road trips continued well into adulthood, culminating with backpacking extensively throughout Europe, mountain biking in Central America, exploring South America, Alaska (on foot) and touching parts of Mexico. A deep connection to all that’s natural and wild, led me to be a white water river guide and avid rock climber.

To experience one’s self while out of their element is truly an enriching experience. Accessing parts of our selves that our ordinary lives prevent us from attaining, the travel experience heightens our ability to penetrate dormant parts of the self and liberate those that have been hindered or blocked by society’s pressures and norms. Read "The Benefits of Going On a Spiritual Retreat" by Tracy Brooks.

My interests have led me to research various cultures and sacred sites around the world, with a desire to blend transformation and alchemy into my travel experiences. Edge of World Retreats offers you a truly life enriching opportunity to discover the innermost regions of your self by visiting and experiencing the mysterious and magnificent sacred sites and power places around our World.

Tracy Brooks

Tracy Brooks - At The Temple of Delphi


Our trips are led by, knowledgeable facilitators, each trip, completely customized to a particular sacred site. When we strip away our daily responsibilities, duties and obligations, we are left with the core of our being; traveling brings us to these places where the authentic, unclaimed parts of self reside.

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Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. ~ Rumi
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